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My Original Characters have faced the pain of loss and there is such a thing as love at first sight.

If someone knows who has posted my story without my permission on the most hated GX fanfictions let me know.

Don't forget to vote in my poll if you want the Secret of Mars updated.

I have also update Half Saiyan Pokémon Trainer, it's a short chapter and I will do more for the next one, but that should tide over all my readers.

August 3 and 4, 2011I have not forgotten about any of my stories and do plan on updating them, I just have to write the updates first.My spell check checked all that and I have used the Yu-Gi-Oh Millenium World Manga as well as the GX Manga as a basis for my spellings of names and such, and for those that seem to think I am a horrible speller have they ever been to the national spelling bee, I haven't either but I'm not cruel about telling someone their spelling needs work.I also will not tolerate flames, there is constructive criticism and then there is cruelty.I will try and explain things between the two stories and there will be some interplay as the Blaze Mars of Haven's time is having visions of Heero as Prince and pilot of Wing Zero, Haven will make a guest appearance in The Secret of Mars I know this for sure.Until then, please give me reviews, and vote in my poll or the Secret of Mars may stagnate soon, I don't know.

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Oh, one other thing my stories are my own and I will not tolerate someone posting them without my permission.

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