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American Mary had a limited theater release so you may or may not have had the chance to see it.

If not, I again highly suggest that you see this movie.

The movie is much more polished than it's predecessor and it shows in the quality of camera-work and editing.

The acting is very well done by Katherine Isabelle as Mary, and the other actors hold their own in their respective roles.

Well, the life of being a student is crossed when she is invited to a "party" where she is the guest of honor, so to speak, and the world of the actual surgeons take a toll on her as she is drugged and raped.

This incident pushes Mary over the edge and she takes matters into her own hands.

She soon realizes that maybe under the table surgical procedures may become a way to make money, so when a woman tracks her down after finding her resume at the club, she takes on a second patient.

Mary finds herself juggling the task of student and surgeon on the side.

While "interviewing" for the job, a strange occurrence puts here in the helm of a situation where she is needed to perform surgery at the club for quick cash.

Cases of Dental modifications have often taken the form of removal, usually of one or more incisors (ancient Peru, most Australian Aborigines, some groups in Africa, Melanesia, and elsewhere); sharpening to a point or other pattern by chipping (Africa) or filing (ancient Mexico and Central America); filing of the surface, sometimes into relief designs (Indonesia); incrustation with precious stones or metal (Southeast Asia, India, ancient Mexico, and Ecuador); insertion of a peg between the teeth (India); and blackening (South India, hill peoples in Myanmar [Burma], some Malaysian groups).

Perforation of the lower plug or other ornament was once widespread among Africans, lowland South American Indians, the Indians of the northwest North American coast, and the Inuit (Eskimo).

By the early 21st century, many practices, whether medical (dentistry, orthodontics, surgery), aesthetic (using cosmetics), or some combination of these (engaging in athletic training regimens), had become so common they were rarely thought of as body modifications.

Modifications have generally been used to mark the social position of an individual in a manner visible to and recognized by other members of the society.

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More rarely, ornaments have been inserted in holes in the cartilage along the ear’s auricular margin (eastern North American Indians, some African and tropical South American groups).

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