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He wrote of how in 1407, a Cantonese sea pirate named Chen Zuyi, who with 5,000 men operated out of Sumatra preying in the Straits of Malacca, was destroyed by Zheng He's armada.

Chen Zuyi was taken back to Nanjing and publicly executed.

All the information about Zheng He's voyages we have comes from writing on a stone pillar discovered in the 1930s in Fujian province, and the accounts of those who sailed with him.

The account on the pillar tells of seeing "in the ocean huge waves like mountains rising sky-high, and we have set eyes on barbarian regions far away hidden in a blue transparency of light vapours". A Muslim scholar named Ma Huan documented the daring voyages.

"Unlike many latter-day European counterparts, which sailed across the great oceans to conquer other nations by force, the Chinese fleet brought to those foreign lands tea, chinaware, silk and craftsmanship.

The pride of the fleet was the flagship, Zheng He's treasure ship, a hardwood vessel with 1,000 men on board.His exploits have become a focal point for Chinese nationalism because, in the days when the Admiral roamed the waves, China was far more technologically advanced than other cultures and had no equal at sea.In 2005, the government organised an exhibition at the National Museum in Beijing's Tiananmen Square proclaiming him a hero.The next step for the boat builders working at the Nanjing Treasure Boat Heritage Park is to embark on their most ambitious project to date - a replica of the treasure ship itself.Work begins this month and should be completed in 2008, when the replica boat is expected to sail as an "image envoy" in the aquatic events in the 2008 Olympic Games.

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The boat will also travel to countries along the ancient Maritime Silk Route explored by early Chinese sailors, its builders said.

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