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Damascus syria dating

Get The Times of Israel's Daily Edition by email and never miss our top stories Free Sign Up A satellite image showing the results of an alleged Israeli airstrike on a reported Iranian base being set up outside Damascus, from November 16, 2017 and December 4, 2017.

(Image Sat International ISI) The photographs were taken on Monday afternoon by Israel’s EROS-B satellite, the company said.

“The images of the base do not reveal any signs of large or unconventional weaponry, which means if it was a base, it would most likely be to house soldiers and vehicles,” the BBC said, quoting a source who said it was possible that senior Iranian military officials may have visited the compound in recent months.

Images of the base broadcast by the BBC showed “a series of two dozen large low-rise buildings, likely for housing soldiers and vehicles.” According to the Israeli military analysis blog Intelli Times, the transport jeeps and trucks with attached rocket launchers seen in the footage were consistent with the types used by Iran-backed Shiite militias.

A few days later, Image Sat International took photographs, also with the EROS-B satellite of the site, which further supported the BBC claim.

Those satellite pictures suggested that one of the buildings on the base is a mosque.

Israel, along with Sunni Muslim states in the region, has viewed with mounting concern Iranian expansionism in the Middle East, in Iraq, in Syria — with the backing of Russia — and through proxy groups, such as Hezbollah in Lebanon, Hamas in the Gaza Strip, and the Houthis in Yemen.

Last month, Netanyahu announced that Israel would not be bound by the deal, which would somewhat distance Iranian proxies from the border with Israel.Satellite photos published Monday showed the aftermath of an alleged Israeli airstrike on a reported Iranian military base being constructed in Syria, some 50 kilometers (31 miles) from Israel’s northern border, indicating several building had been destroyed.The images, provided by the Israeli satellite company, Image Sat International, show the destruction of seven buildings on the base at al-Qiswah, some 13 kilometers (8 miles) south of the Syrian capital of Damascus. Most of the structures appear to be barracks and garages.Israel has long warned that Iran is trying to establish a permanent presence in Syria as part of its efforts to control a land corridor from Iran through to the Mediterranean Sea as it attempts to expand its influence across the Middle East.Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said often that Israel will not allow Iran to establish a permanent presence in Syria, and was reported late last month to have sent a warning to this effect via a third party to Syrian President Bashar Assad.

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It is, however, an odd claim, as Israel possesses several other missile systems that are more suited to the range required for such a strike, for instance, the LORA.

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