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Hawaii became a “she” – mystical, magical, and hospitable.

Hawaii welcomes you with open arms when you need an escape from your demanding job; she awaits you with a smile, fresh lei, and Mai Tai.

Instead they are being punished for continuing to live amongst the people who illegally settled their land. Almost one-in-four Hawaii residents are of mixed race with the largest group being Asian and Native Hawaiian.

Thus, the amount of people who meet the blood quantum requirement dwindles significantly with each generation.

Go ahead, I’ll wait as you sift through your mental images of women in grass skirts, ukuleles, lounging, and lots of leis. Historians estimate that almost 80% of the original Native Hawaiian population died from contact with European diseases. They didn’t tell you about the genocide and illegal takeover in your textbooks.) In 1921, Congress passed the “Hawaiian Homes Commission Act,” which was designed to rehabilitate the Native Hawaiian population and their loss of native lands — by setting aside a whopping 3% of the total land for Native Hawaiians.

Already a dwindled population, Native Hawaiians gradually lost more and more control over their lands (to businessmen, missionaries, and the US military, among other stakeholders) until 1893 when the Hawaiian Kingdom was overthrown. To live in the Hawaiian homesteads, Native Hawaiians need to apply and prove their Native-Hawaiian-ness.

Yet there are currently 21,000 Native Hawaiians on the waiting list to live on the Hawaiian homesteads. One man waited 40 years before he was granted a home.

(By then, he was 72 years old and could not afford the house.) When the Hawaiian Homelands waiting list is so long and so many Native Hawaiians are homeless, it is an understatement that Native Hawaiians are struggling to preserve their people and their land. Increasing the blood quantum and requiring even more Native-Hawaiian-ness. For Native Hawaiians, Hawaii is not the grass hut paradise that we pretend it is.

Native Hawaiians, or , are descendent from the original Polynesians who settled in Hawaii around the third century.

When we’re sloppy and equate one group of people with another, we render people invisible. The reality is that about one-third of Hawaii’s homeless population is Native Hawaiian.

When we say “You’re all the same,” we basically say “Your differences don’t matter to me.” So what do we really know about Native Hawaiians? Not a big deal — until you consider this: Native Hawaiians make up only 10% (one-tenth) of Hawaii’s population. Native Hawaiians have been fighting homelessness since the 1800s when settlers first occupied Hawaii.

Because when the term “Asian” is so intimately yoked to the problematic and one-dimensional idea of “model minority,” Native Hawaiians are not just misrepresented but represented. By placing Native Hawaiians in the “Asian” category, we systematically erase Native Hawaiian culture, identity, and most importantly, Native Hawaiian needs.

When Asians are supposedly successful and don’t need assistance, Native Hawaiians lose out.

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” Native Hawaiian culture has become a caricature of itself in order to sell itself.

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