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The earliest Muslim immigrants came as slaves from Africa beginning perhaps as early as 1501.Their absolute numbers are open to substantial disagreement, with one foremost scholar, Allan D.Accepting that this number is necessarily rough, it does point to somewhat over two million Muslim immigrants, or slightly less than one percent of the U. Symbolic of this diversity, Los Angeles alone boasts such exotic food fare as the Chinese Islamic Restaurant and the Thai Islamic Restaurant.The largest numbers of immigrants derive from three main sources: South Asia, Iran, and the Arabic-speaking countries.

There are many reasons for this imbalance, some of them concerning the mostly African-American convert population, others having to do with the general immigrant pattern of men moving to an area before women follow them.

The only town in the country with a substantial concentration of Muslim immigrants is Dearborn, Mich., where they make up perhaps 30 percent of the population; and one part of Dearborn, called Southend, is about 97 percent Muslim.

In contrast, efforts at Muslim-only towns (such as Baladullah, a Muslim enclave in the Sierra Nevada foothills of California) consist mainly of African-American converts to Islam.

Our bookshelves groan under the weight of books bearing titles like Islam and the West, The Future of Islam and the West, and The Islamic World and the West.

What is striking about these books — all quite recently written and published — is the anachronism of their geographic premise.

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Tragic events in predominantly Muslim countries often lead directly to the emergence of a Muslim ethnic community in the United States; Afghanistan and Iraq offer particularly stark examples. Among medical students, more than 75 percent — and perhaps as many as 90 percent — end up staying in the United States.

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