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The Japanese are very good at shutting out the world around them and making their own privacy by losing themselves in reading a comic book or sleeping while they are surrounded by people. All over Japan, you see men parked in their cars sleeping or reading, sometimes for hours at a time.

Every person in Japan belongs to a family registry that documents marriage, births and deaths.

Many Japanese customs, values and personality traits arise from the fact that Japanese live so close together in such a crowded place.

Everyday the Japanese are packed together like sardines on subways and in kitchen-size yakatori bars and sushi restaurants.

Norway, Australia, New Zealand and the United States were the top four rated countries. Ken Belson wrote in the New York Times: “Japanese consumers are considered the world’s most discriminating, particularly those who have traveled overseas.

Good Websites and Sources: Good Photos at Japan-Photo Archive , , ; and ; A Day in the Life of a Japanese Kid cusd.chico.k12us ; Google-E-Book: Japan “ Why It Works, and Why It Doesn’t: Economics in Everyday Life ; Everyday Scenes ; Fixed in Life Blog, with Lots of Photos ; Photos ; Statistical Handbook of Japan Family Budgets and Prices jp/english/data/handbook ; 2010 Edition jp/english/data/nenkan ; News jp Japanese consumers are notoriously fickle and demanding. Product cycles are short; preferences swing wildly, especially among younger women; and Japanese consumers tend to be fanatical when it comes to quality.” Japanese prefer smaller, lighter products and are willing to pay high prices for them.

Japanese housewives usually shop every day on foot; iron on small foot-high ironing board that fits on the floor or table; and sometimes serve food on heated tables in the winter. Refrigerators and washers are generally smaller than their American counterparts. Most homes don't have a dryer or even a hair dryer because the Japanese believe the Shinto Sun goddess Amaterasu looks down are thing that are not dried in the sun. If it is raining clothes are hung indoors from doorknobs and lines strung on ceiling hooks.

Woman sitting the seiza position that perform a proper bow do so with their hands on top of each other and the elbows out.

In Japan, there are too kinds of dogs: small dogs that are allowed in the house and outdoor dogs that have to stay outside and are not allowed inside because of worries that they will dirty the floor or the tatami mats with their feet. At home they often sleep on futons (but many also sleep on beds). After waking up a futon sleeper is expected to fold up his or her futon and blankets and place them in a closet or against a wall.

The Japanese spend a lot of time sitting on the floor, and if given the choice some would rather sit or lie down on a hard floor than relax on a bed or in a comfortable chair.

A dozen lap swimmers may squeeze into single lane at a swimming pool.

Bicycles and pedestrians fight for space on crowded sidewalks, which are especially packed on rainy days and sunny days, when umbrellas are out in force.

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It is a bad idea to wear hiking boots are shoes that require lacing up or are difficult to step in and out of.

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