Dating orgrimmar

For starters, you'll no longer be able to access the guild bank for items, gold withdrawals or guild repairs.

You'll also lose the ability to use guild chat to talk to with other members.

Argent Crusade, epic battles, Alliance and the Horde united under one banner to defeat the tyrant so they can kill each other all over again and again... Despite being the Lich King he somewhat loved her back, judging by the loot he dropped. Please, do leave honest thoughts, lore is written, bet is lost, but I just want to know if I was right at least a bit considering this? Write a female character is in many ways more difficult, on the one hand, she has to be the heroine, who has the power and is determined, on the other hand they want to give her some sexual background, so that it is not just another guy without tools :)) Since Wo W is fantasy, she had to be put together with a lizard : DI do agree with both of you. I know it's a fantasy world but fantasy means not realistic, not illogical. Now, after all those things, I just doubt Jaina would be taking initiative, leading basically the main force against Orgrimmar soon, fighting Zandalari on the Thunder Isle, and seek relationship with Kalecgos.

But the judgement day came, Lich King was killed by the most ridiculous way in history of any lore/story, so cliche, a paladin on unholy ground praying for strength while in the block of ice, and as his comrade's souls are being consumed by Frostmourne. It's just so I can say to my bud; "Hey, pillock, some people agree with me! I understand Jaina is a female character and females can be difficult, especially heroines, but by all that is bright, this Kalecgos is like thorn in my toe. I think she's pretty pissy, irrational and full of hate atm to seek romance in the front.

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Well he was right about few of them at least, and one was Jaina Proudmoore.

Being friend with the little mage lass turned out to be nearly deadly experience for lively orc, but it all ended up well, she stood on his side till the end and they remained as good friends. But, all those things in stories are usually left for our imagination. Long story short, they were "close friends", it ended up with romance.

So it all went wrong there, he sailed to Northrend to chaise his arch-enemy Mal'Ganis, and Jaina remained home. So Blizzard, if I got this straight, you're telling me, that Jaina, Jaina Proudmoore, is dating a Demi-Ex-Wannabe-Blue-Dragon-Aspect-Scaled-Mortal-Guy at this particular moment, where everything that is human in her is gone, since she is full of hatred for the Horde and wants to kill everyone, she had really big issues with her father who wanted to kill her, she had Thrall as a friend, but now he's married to some other orc girl and doesn't give a damn about her, Arthas who died, despite him being Lich King, he wasn't in control over it, but he still loved her, and she loved him. Especially now, she went a little bit kookoo after the nukings left and right. Having a blue dragon boyfriend is the new COOL in Azeroth! And I'll be damned if I'll join such raid, I'd rather be missing certain Tier than doing this blasphemy.

Some time has passed, Arthas returns with to Lordaeron with Frostmourne, kills his father, "This kingdom shall fall" and such. She is emotional, and pretty much pissed now, but still... Kalec took advantage of the situation and struck the jackpot with her. I was willing to grit my teeth and roll with the forced romance that took up half of Tides of War (and it did feel incredibly forced), until she went off the deepend and... I know she is but a character in some world who doesn't exist, but still I'd feel like total douche to slay her in combat, just because Blizzard has writers who make illogical chaos in the lore. i have VOTS, im 1/3 forsaken 1/3 Demon 1/3 Dragon, i certainly wouldent turn down Alexstrasa or Sylvanas...

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But hey, I think Blizzard did the fine job with this ending, because like it or not, Lich King was A1 invincible mean killing machine, and no man (or woman! But it happened, and despite being it dramatic, cliche and all that, it was well, a realistic ending for someone like that. Why can't Kalec end up with other ex-dragon aspects to preserve their race or something, it sounds more logical than some abomination-breed.

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