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Well, the long-awaited Export Gallery has now been added!Currently boasting mats across 5 different Continents, this is an intriguing insight into the different GUINNESS® advertising campaigns used around the world over the past 6 decades.And with so much material to find, it's hardly surprising that new and previously unseen 'guinntiques' turn up on a regular basis.Some worth pennies/cents, others thousands of pounds/dollars.Whether you are over 50 and still working, planning retirement, planning early retirement, or already retired and looking for new ideas or information to enjoy your retirement, then laterlife aims to be of value to you A common term on the internet for the over 50s and over 60s is Seniors or Silver Surfers.We feel the term Seniors, with its connotation of Senior Citizens, doesn't reflect today's older or retired generation who have a much longer life span, are much healthier and really can enjoy a new stage of life.

First Time Visitors to contains a wealth of reference information, features and ideas, to help enjoy later life to the full.

Many very rare Guinness items will be up-for-grabs over two days - the first part of the collection will be sold on the 19th of September and the second part on the 11th of June.

Contact BBR Auctions on 01226 745156 and request one of the magnificent colour brochures detailing this magnificent collection.

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Including Health, Travel, Relationships and much much more.

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