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Probably for now if you're the type that can handle 1 nighters for your "recovery", that's probably the most committed type of rebounding you should do. I don't have much interest in one night stands at this point but we'll see, maybe in a few weeks. Last 2 years we really tried to make it work but our careers won't let it.Edit: I Did tell her that I had just broken up, could that be the reason she is being a bit distant? Ended on good terms and she's moving to the east coast. Worst is coming home from work where I'm kind of alone and just get lonely.Probably not the best move but I'm always honest for the most part. For what it's worth no contact has been best for me and I told my ex that out of respect for each other we shouldn't talk and delete each other out of our lives. Dating has been weird because when you are into a long term relationship you only know the ins and outs of what you've been so comfortable with.So for me I've just been openly dating and you just tank through even though these dating schemes even though it means nothing.In the end you just end up finding your own happiness and you just live your life till the next one. Bought myself new clothes and just random **** (obviously within means). Staying late, putting in 110% and soon I will be getting a 6% raise from company. i wouldn't recommend jumping into something serious this soon after.

I'd say date people you like when you're totally sure about yourself in your own head. I think you're right about just being lonely and needing a distraction.

I liked her before any of this and I know it's not just my post breakup emotions screwing with me, she has her sh! I only had one long term girlfriend before this one, the first one broke up with me but it didn't feel this way.

I was hurt and I wanted her back but I was going out and seeing other girls and having sex without feeling attachment, I didn't even want to think of dating anyone.

I've never been clingy but I think the breakup messed up all my emotions.

I can imagine that she needs time and space as well.

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It was kinda awkward after that though, I left before she woke up and I didn't see her but texted her the next day.

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