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No, you may never make an Attack to Destroy against an undestroyable Group or a Group you cannot destroy, even if the attack has no chance to actually destroy the target."Any card that is named after a particular place in the US would qualify for a Clinton bonus if it becomes Government, whether it is actually designated a Place or not. Thus, for instance, Hollywood and Silicon Valley would qualify. Yes, this begs the definitional question of whether other places would be 'part of the government' if they gained the Government alignment.We acknowledge that certain non-place Groups are arguably "part of the US," but only in the sense that they are primarily 'American.' Rather than argue over, and list, every Corporate Group in the game, we offer this ruling, which can be applied not only to existing cards but also to homemade, foreign and yet-to-be-created cards." --Steve Jackson Does a Zap only affect the things that your Illuminati Group itself can do? A Zap has the stated effect on your entire Power Structure until it is removed.TC, stripped of the Corporate alignment, still gets the 8 bonus. Thus for the most part they are treated like Plot cards, yet they can be salvaged with Recycling Centers, burned with The Thule Group, etc.TC, changed to a Government Group, now gets the 8 bonus and a 4 bonus for the alignment match! They cannot be copied with the Copy Shops; while it is true that an exposed (but not played!

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    In order to avoid unexpected changes in your templates, now you can lock them.

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