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Excel spreadsheet formulas not updating

One reference is to an xlsm file and one is to an xls file - but as I said we've never had these files.

The two users report that previously when they received the excel sheet (in either MSO 2003 or MSO 2007), there was data present in all of the cells which now have errors.

Example In this case the first formula submitted in Cell D2 (=B2/C2) calculates correctly after the formula is typed and the enter key is hit: When that Excel formula is dragged down to Cell D5 to calculate the other Areas Average Sales Value notice that the cells are all the same, the formula has changed but the cells have not recalculated, they still show the original result: This is a clear indication that the Auto Calculate feature in Excel has been switched to Manual so it needs to be changed back to get things working again.

The Excel cell you are typing the formula into is set to Text format If your Excel formula does not calculate then check the Format of the Cell to ensure it is not Text.

You can spot if the Cell is set to Text Format as when you enter a formula it will appear exactly as it was typed rather than producing any kind of calculated result, this is the indication the cell is in Text Format and needs to be changed: To change the format of the cell right click on the cell and select Format Cells from the options box that pops up.

The spreadsheet in File Viewer doesn't look as good as Excel, but at least the errors are gone and the data is there.

So it seems I should be able to somehow view this in Excel...

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Here I have selected "Disable all data connections" and "Disable automatic update of Workbook Links." Then I've attempted to open the excel file and still get the same error.

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