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Since dromaeosaurs had only been found in places that used to be part of Laurasia, scientists figured that the beasts evolved into being after Pangea split.

But the Buitreraptor fossil in South America, which dates back 90 million years and closely resembles fossils from the North, means one of two things: Either dromaeosaurs existed when Pangea was intact; or the newfound Buitreraptor and its northern look-alikes evolved separately yet with remarkably similar results.

The rooster-sized dinosaur is called Buitreraptor (bwee-tree-rap-tor) gonzalezorum.

Odds being against such striking parallel evolution, paleontologists speculate that dromaeosaurs more likely originated more than 180 million years ago, before Pangaea broke apart.

The newly discovered fossil also shows that the creatures developed slightly different characteristics after they split up.

The 11 scientists involved in the study told CNN it's too early to tell the impact of the new findings.

For now they want the general audience to see it and understand it, and for their peers to study it -- and even challenge it. is long before the ancient African is known to have occupied EAST ASIA.

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