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Their feet have three toes and one recessed fourth toe that is toward the back side of their ankle.

The claws of their hands and feet are short and blunt.

The Reptoid (reptilian-humanoid crossbreeds), the various reptilian-grey crossbreed types and the hierarchial reptilian overlords called the Draco (winged reptilian beings).

Although the reptilian being species are divided into three basic types, there are physical features that are shared by almost all.

In the case of US, the results of the survey suggest that ease of learning the local language and adapting to the local culture are areas in which the US fares well as an expat destination – despite low scores in organising finances and health care.

Canada, Bermuda and South Africa were helped to the top of the list because more than 80 percent of the expats surveyed there say they are native English speakers.

We cannot blame the boys for their addictions as the politicians in Washington D. (including at the White House) were given to these boys.

Many of the boys were abused from about the age of 8, all the way up to 18 where the boys were used as sex slaves by the male politicians.

On the other hand, other people have vivid memories of their encounter and are able to provide detailed reports of the reptilian beings anatomy.

The following is a compilation of these eyewitness descriptions for your review.

Generally speaking, there are three basic reptilian physical types.

Some also have coffee colored scales that have dark green colored rims.

The scales (or scutes) on their backs, thighs and upper arms are large.

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Their heads are slightly conical in shape and have two bony ridges riding from their brow, across their back sloping skull, toward the back of their head.

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