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The agents swarm the barn, but there is no trace of Prime inside.When Savoy threatens Tessa to force Cade to tell him of Prime's whereabouts, the Autobot leader explodes out of the barn's basement in which he was hiding.When Cade removes a live missile from the truck's "power core," it transforms into a heavily injured Optimus Prime, who roars at them to stay back while he swings his weapon around the barn.Cade, Lucas, and Tessa ask why Optimus is so badly damaged, to which he replies that the Autobots are being hunted and he must help them.The driver turns out to be Shane, a rally car racer who is also Tessa's boyfriend.

The small dinosaur finds a fish and starts to feed, but stops as hundreds of alien ships enter Earth's atmosphere, piloted by the mysterious "Creators".

Cade offers to repair him, and sends Lucas to buy the parts that will enable him to fix Optimus.

Cade and Optimus begin to bond as the repairs begin.

Walking past his human allies, Lockdown demands to know Optimus Prime's whereabouts.

When Ratchet refuses, Lockdown brutally kills him by ripping out his spark.

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Lucas and Tessa advocate calling the government, claiming that there is a huge reward for Transformers.

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