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Shuli said when his big shot friends showed up he ditched Scott. Howard said he was supposed to be in on that Thursday morning but he had to go to some emergency. Ronnie said they did a great job setting them up in 3 suites to watch the race. He said he's going to Daytona in February and he told Scott that and Scott said he's not sure if he can go but he didn't even invite him.

Howard asked how that cleared up by the time they went on vacation the next day. He said he called Scott on Thursday afternoon and he told him he was going. Howard said Scott went on this trip and he was having a good time on the road and all of that. Ronnie said he wasn't talking to that other girl Kelly. Ronnie said by the end of the night that was Scott's friend. Ronnie said Scott kept asking and suggesting to watch from different places. Howard said it sounds like he's a pain in the ass to deal with. He said when he does get out he doesn't know what to do. Sal said in his Scott voice ''I hang myself.'' Howard did his impression of Scott and goofed on him a little more.

There was no way I could keep that dating fire burning as practicality invaded our lives. Something I haven’t wanted to admit for a long time, but is undeniable.

Howard said they could have walked someplace to eat. Ronnie said they were taking a picture in the garage and he put it up on Twitter. Howard said his legs are so white that he's almost translucent. Robin started off with a story about the serial killer story in Tampa. Robin had some audio of the police talking about the man they arrested. Robin had some audio of her saying he pinches her ass. The caller said you have the right to prove you're innocent until proven guilty. Howard said they should look at this other guy and not vote for a guy who was thrown off the bench twice. Howard said this is a group of women who aren't known for making wacky accusations. Howard said the picture they have of Matt in the office also has Savannah Guthrie in it. Robin said they have said that they can carry a nuclear warhead to all of the US. Howard took a call from Sour Shoes who was doing his Imus impression going off on Robin for making fun of him earlier with a cowboy hat comment. Robin read a story about a team of scientists who have created artificial muscles that could give robots super strength. Howard took a call from a woman who said she's had stuff happen to her and she thinks that these women are slutty to sleep with Harvey for a part. Robin said that they hope to have it passed by week's end.

Howard said most of his crisis' happen during show hours. Howard said Scott was having a good time until Ronnie's buddies from NASCAR showed up. He said they were invited to that party because Scott set it all up. Shuli said he heard about another party that Ronnie was invited to but then no one was there. Shuli said Scott wanted to watch from the pits but Ronnie said you can't see anything from there. He said he has to stop with the phone and the vape. He said they got to the airport and he wasn't able to get his boarding pass out of his phone because it blew up. Ronnie said that Scott was asking about breakfast and he's not a breakfast person. Ronnie said Shuli has a list of things that he has complaints about.

Howard said in his world nothing fucks with his vacation but work is another story. Scott said Ronnie was hitting on Kurt Busch's wife. Howard said they were at a party and Scott met Kelly who invited him to another party. Ronnie said that was Kelly who told them to show up to. He said he told Scott to get up and get his own food without him. Howard said he's pretty sure he would have met those guys and been accepted if he was just a limo driver. Shuli said that Scott was telling Ronnie that he knows everyone and where to go. Ronnie said they were in South Beach and they could have gone to a restaurant but Scott didn't want to take an Uber.

Howard said he could have gone because Ronnie knew where to go. He said they're in Florida so why eat that down there. He said he thought it was Pizza Hut or something like that. He said he was just trying to eat his chicken burger. Ronnie said that he doesn't want to go on trips with Scott. Ronnie said he told him he had to take a bus to get there. Scott said it was awesome because Ronnie really hooked them up. Howard said that guy did so many things it's getting boring.

Scott said Ronnie goes every year and he figured he'd leave things up to him. Robin said the new accuser is a woman who claims she was coaxed to Weinstein's room to look at her acting rule. Howard said he knows you're innocent until proven guilty.

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