Geek dating service

Geek dating service

But, anyway, here’s what we’re thinking/guessing/in some cases kinda hoping might happen in the remainder of season 3... Jerry, who’s keener to swallow plates of pills and have no idea what he does for a living than continue sharing a house with Rick, isn’t going to be chuffed about spending some time divorced.

And any surviving members of the Galactic Federation and The Council Of Ricks are going to be equally peeved.

Along with those cyber brain implants surely comes some sort of brain-based, allegiance-changing jiggery-pokery. Could he be locked up in a Federation facility somewhere, squanching away in a lonely cell?

Apparently signing up through Facebook is the best way to get involved, although that seems a little mainstream and not nearly nerdy enough to me.Will his catchphrase-creating game suffer as a result?Will I ever stop speculating based on tiny, probably-insignificant details?! We’ve also yet to see Jerry giving birth, and a bunch of other scenes from the intro.The shot of Rick portal-ing into the ground and leaving Morty behind as a huge monster chases them would be a particularly tricky one to work in. The original Beth looks to have gone totally feral, and Jerry and Summer are both very anti-anything-that-stinks-of-Rick.

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Making a load of new enemies is fairly traditional season premiere content for any show, so the most easy to prediction to make here is that Jerry, the Federation and the Council will have it in for Rick prime in the episodes to come.

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