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S.) found himself with a group of helpless widows andorphans being led from place to place, from the durbar of Ibn Ziyad to thecourt of Yazid.

Hisfather and predecessor had sacrificed all he had on the altar of truth; and Imam Zayn al-'Abidin(A.

Any of these Himalayan tasks would have defeated a lesser being. S.) under divine guidance did achieve all these aims in such abeautiful and unobtrusive way that even his followers, who tremendouslybenefited, and are benefiting, from his superb leadership did not consciouslyrealise how they were being guided. S.) said that his uncle's claim waswrong; that he (i.e.

Announcement of His Imamat This took the form of a family dispute: Muhammad al-Hanafiyah claimed that he was the Imam after his brother, Imam Husayn (A. S.), had become Imam after the eldest brother, Imam Hasan(A. Imam Zayn al-'Abidin) was Imam after his father, by divineappointment.

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