Intimidating police officer

Intimidating police officer

Officers however, have skills and tactics not commonly possessed by civilians.

Professional training in force, weapons, intimidation, interrogation and surveillance — along with the cultural climate — become a dangerous and potentially lethal combination in a domestic situation.

Victims face the bias of law enforcement agencies and the legal system, psychological intimidation, and a high lethality risk.

Victims of police officers not only challenge the image of the personal family, they challenge the concept of the police family as well.Twenty years ago DV advocates were considered radical when they suggested that a woman call the police when battered by her intimate partner.This notion confronted men's sense of entitlement to dominate and to rule in the privacy of their homes.Domestic violence is a pattern of coercive behaviors used to intimidate and manipulate the victim for the purpose of gaining and maintaining control.It is precisely because of the non-physical types of abuse that the physical abuse "works" to control the victim.

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Talking exclusively about physical abuse takes these acts out of context and makes them similar to assault or battery by a stranger.

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