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What is the connection between candles and dead sailors? In former times, when sailors were stuck on land during the hard winter months, they used to win their bread by making matches.

Therefore, by failing to use a match to light your cigarette, you are inadvertently stealing the livelihood of a poor sailor somewhere, ultimately causing him to die from starvation.

Wishing someone happy birthday before the actual date, even just a few hours before midnight is said to bring bad luck.

Failing to maintain eye-contact whether in private or business conversations can be interpreted as a sign of disrespect and dishonesty.

It is not quite clear why in Germany the “Schornsteinfeger” is such a great symbol of good luck that just seeing one will bring you good fortune for the whole new year, especially if you walk up to one and shake his hand.

According to some sources this superstition may be connected to the historical importance of chimneys in general, for without them you couldn’t cook or heat.

As for those seeking potential partners, more are comfortable with online dating and dating apps, and more of them have met their partners this way.

These were some key findings released by the National Population and Talent Division (NPTD) from its Marriage and Parenthood Survey.

Similar surveys were conducted in 2004, 2007 •and 2012.In a time when most of Europe heated their houses with hot coals or wood you could see chimney sweeps everywhere.Traditionally dressed in an all black suit with golden jacket buttons and a black top-hat their job was to clear the soot and ash from chimneys.As you may know, Germans are vigorous hand-shakers.Even if you meet a larger group, it’s not uncommon to go through the whole awkward ceremony of individually shaking everyone’s mittens.

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Maintaining eye-contact while clinking glasses was a way to establish trust between host and guests.

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