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"Yes, use me," was the thought that raced through Jessica's mind. Two hands from behind found her fat breasts and used them to finish driving home into her ass.

Her eyes rolled back into her head and the room became dark except for a small sliver of light that appear over the horizon of eyeballs. She choked on him as he moved to match the pace of the other men.

The last man -- the obliging one -- was still in her churning her guts. Use me." was all she could say with the energy she had left. Another orgasm pushed its way through her and she lost track of the prick she had just been serving.

From behind he picked her up using her legs as handles. "That is the one I wanted to see." came the voice of a man from behind her. Her knees spread out like a frog on a lily pad as the strangers hands pushed her face into the mattress.

If you don't want to join in..." Her voice was not her own. "You with the big dick," she motioned to the lanky rail thin man, "You will be here." She placed her hand on her pussy. You're so salty sweet but untrustworthy just cumming like that." Her breath was ragged as she was already on the verge of orgasm again. Refusing to let go of it, Jessica drug the cock in her hand with her. Yet, somehow I feel I have been waiting my whole life to get a piece of you.

It was heavy and lewd and so ready to be used -- she was no grandma with cookies tonight. "You do not seem like a three-on-one kind of woman but if you insist," the stranger the color of warm chocolate full of muscles spoke, "But what slut does -- especially the older more respectable types." He slid his semi-erect cock into her mouth using a hand full of her long grey curls as leverage. "Hard worker, you will be fucking this." Jessica shook her ass against the man's face. Where ever, however, if it means I have to share or not I aim to have a piece of you." Jessica tittered like a school girl in a porn.

Embarrassed Jessica spoke, "I am so sorry." The man did not stop devouring her. Jessica felt a fire within her as she froze in place. "I thought you say you could give me more than I could handle.

She sucked him in to his root and began to twist and squeeze. "You stay right there." Jessica thought, "I will deal with you later." Jessica soon found herself straddling a large cock while her "prisoner" had managed to find his composure enough reassert some control.After minutes of this the man just stood shaking as his finally spent member fell from her mouth and he collapsed to the floor. Dragging himself up, he smeared his cock across her face."Fuck that old broad is fucking amazing." Jessica felt herself lifted up. And you are delightful." Jessica already weak from the abuse felt her defense crumble at the compliment.She immediately started to cum as the two pricks that skewered her picked up their pace and started to match rhythms. He wrapped his one hand underneath her chin on her throat while keeping is left hand tied up in her hair.Using this technique he positioned her mouth to be so that it was simply a tunnel to be fucked.

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As the second entered her, she started to pick up speed milking the big spike that was turning insides to water which splashed her and her lovers.

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