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He has been labeled by archaeologists working in Israel as a con man, charlatan, scam artist, publicity hound, and even worse.He should not be taken seriously, but because of his sensationalistic approach, the news media loves his programming.It has, however, been thoroughly refuted by a number of people.See: The So-Called Jesus Family Tomb Rediscovered in Jerusalem Jacobovici’s current “discovery” concerns a burial cave that workmen accidently discovered while making a water park in the Peace Forest in the southern part of Jerusalem during November / December 1990.It contained the “poorly preserved remains of four individuals – two adults and two children” (Zias 1992: 78-79).This ossuary was apparently from one of the The physical anthropologist from Tel Aviv University, whose control the nails were under, has repeatedly told the news media that the origin of the nails that Jacobovici is showing is unknown and they have nothing whatsoever to do with crucifixion. Joe Zias, under whose curatorship those nails were under when he worked at the Israel Antiquities Authority, said the nails that Jacobovici is showing did not come from the Caiaphas tomb. Levi Rahmani (1994), an expert on Jewish ossuaries, has suggested two possible uses for nails that were found in tombs.IV was used for scratching the names of Caiaphas on Ossuary 6, but it is important to note that it was not found inside the ossuary of Caiaphas and thus not a talisman with divine power to protect Caiaphas in the afterlife as Jacobovici would like to claim.

In it was found an ossuary that contained the bones of a crucified man with a large iron nail still pierced through his calcanei (heel) and into some wood (Tzaferis 1970: 18-32; Haas 1970: 42, 49-59).

Greenhut reports: “Two iron nails were found in this cave.

One was found inside one of the ossuaries and the other in Ossuary 1 is a nondescript bone box with a flat lid and no decorations or inscriptions on it (Greenhut 1992a: 67).

In 2007 he released a video and book that alleged the family tomb of Jesus was found in the East Talpiyot neighborhood of Jerusalem and it included an ossuary with the bones of Jesus.

This program was a misguided attack on the deity of the Lord Jesus and His bodily resurrection.

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They had “disappeared” soon after the excavations but were recently rediscovered in the labs of Tel Aviv University and are now in his possession.

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