Report dishonest men on dating sites

Report dishonest men on dating sites

The BBB threatened to sue Rip-off Report because we also use the name .. World News Videos | US News Videos Rip-off Report supports and assists all branches of government agencies since 1998, and many times have asked the FTC, why are they not looking into the BBB and the way they do business misleading consumers to do business with bad companies where the BBB hides complaints about their members who are ripping of unsuspecting consumers into doing business with them. Why is the BBB listed in local phone books under Government Agencies?

Better Business Bureau claimed that consumers will get confused and not know the difference between the words Better and BAD. The BBB is a Franchise operation that is also a non-profit that receives millions in grant money every year from the US Government.

In a recent straw poll, over 70% of respondents incorrectly thought that the BBB was a government organization.

In actuality, the BBB is a private 501(c)(6) non-profit organization.

It requires its own fees in addition to what a company pays to be a BBB member.============================ Canadian Better Business Bureau accused of biased ratings CBC News investigation finds members score high, despite complaints Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal announced today ======================== Better Business Bureaus two-year-old letter grade system rewards dues paying accredited members and punishes those who refuse to pay.=========================== how the Better Business Bureau gave the lowest grade possible to Staples Source:

track=rss The executive who heads the organizations Los Angeles branch makes more than 0,000 a year. The head of a smaller office in New York earns 5,000.

How can they honestly look out for the consumers best interest when their customer base is businesses?If the business responds many times this is enough to give the business a satisfactory rating, no matter what their response is!Most BBB offices do not report any past history of a business, even when that business continuously victimizes different consumers.Read some of these articles below by consumer advocates working to expose the BBB.The Better Business Bureau has compromised their ethics and lost the trust of the business About Top Myth About The BBB1. Of all the myths and misunderstandings about the BBB, the erroneous belief that they are a government regulatory organization is the most pervasive.

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============================ ORIGINAL FILE DATE 2-5-00 UPDATE!!! Would it amaze you to find out that there are numerous legitimate complaints and even lawsuits against Better Business Bureau franchises? The BBB is a corporation comprised of several private business franchises very like to Mc Donald's.2.

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