Sergio di zio dating

Sergio di zio dating

“On occasion, David Paetkau, who plays Sam Braddock, and I have dropped down to see who can do more push-ups before takes.”Each episode takes seven days to shoot; they shot 13 episodes for the new season between January and June. put it all together and it just creates this family.”Di Zio is grateful to remain in Toronto, where he can have a life outside of acting as well as a diversified career that includes film, stage and voice roles.After three seasons together, Di Zio said, the cast and crew have developed the kind of team dynamic they were only playing at when the series began.“Some days are very long and some days are very hard, and there are days where we get on each other's nerves, but . “I’ve never been in a series personally that a) has been this successful and b) for this long,” he said.“The fact L. Likewise, he was also a part of an animated show called 'Grojband' that ended on April 2015.Canadian television veteran who is best recognized for playing the role of Mike Scarlatti on Flashpoint.

Sergio laughed and said, “That’s one of my favorite characters (Spike). If she was serious about it, that would be a reason for concern.” Well, we do know that the actor is not married yet and it seems like he has not got any to do it anytime sooner.It’s shot here and the plots incorporate local neighbourhoods and landmarks, like Maple Leaf Gardens or the Ontario Science Centre. Toronto native Di Zio credits the series’ blend of “the endorphin rush of non-stop action and adventure” with a realistic portrayal of the human beings involved in that action.“There are a lot of shows about bad cops.It averaged 1.8 million weekly Canadian viewers on CTV in its second season; close to a million a week caught the summer reruns, about six million in the U. It’s good to have a show about good cops,” he said.Like I always say, men are mostly turned on visually.He lives with his mother and father and is quite pleased to be incredibly in touch with his Italian heritage and speaks the language fluently.

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