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L2k has sexual undertones due to the high concentration of androstenone. I have worn it work and had friendly conversations with girls and increased attention.It makes me feel more approachable to women of all ages.Women perceive the Andresterone-wearer to be a protector – a reliable, trust-worthy person who can secure them.Pheromone-wearers have also experienced mood-elevating effects. L2k is a smooth and powerful pheromone cologne that has a strong sexual alpha-male scent.It can also generate sexual vibes in women who prefer the aggressive, macho guy.Men should use a cologne containing Androstenone, and not use it as a stand-alone product because it’s quite pungent.

Androsterone: Humans naturally secrete this pheromone. It helps men feel more masculine without the aggression of Androstenone.The greatest benefit it provided me was eliminating feelings of self-doubt. Aqua Vitae gives you a cool and attractive vibe around women.I didn’t have to worry about fear of rejection or not having the proper motivation to approach her.In this article, I discuss my findings on the best pheromones of 2017.By definition, pheromones are odorless airborne chemicals transmitted by animals to influence behavior in the opposite sex .

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– Read: In-Depth Review Alpha Dream LIIK Pheromones – A scented pheromone cologne with an attractive formula that is great for general use. – Read: In-Depth Review Nexus Pheromones – A masculine smelling pheromone cologne that’s not overly powerful. Several months later testing various pheromones and I’m a changed man. How was I ever going to find someone interested in me? On a trip to the local mall, I happened to pass through the women’s perfume section.

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