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Speed dating belfast 21 social

Included in this list is the marriage of elderly men to younger women.

This vital taboo was broken twice in the past fortnight: before Christmas, Ronnie Wood got hitched to a woman 30 years his...

Any strike over a recovery plan would really resemble a refusal of the stokers in the Titanic to come up on...

THERE are certain states about which any allegation is just about believable.

Colonel Dick Heaslip is one of the finest and most scandalously under-promoted soldiers this Republic has ever produced. Lincoln: an interesting place-name, combining the Celtic "Linn" meaning "pool, (as in Dub-lin) with the Latin "colonia", "settlement", abbreviated to "coln" (as in Koln, or Cologne).

Thus Lincoln was originally a Roman settlement beside a pool: maybe some lingering imperial DNA explains the bellicosity of the eponymous US president, the portrayal of whom has...

I am now down to my last thigh, one arm, and a nostril, and am typing this with my forehead. Ten years on from Iraq and the lesson has apparently not been learnt on this fateful meridian, where the abstracts of modern English usage have almost no meaning: hence the scatter-gun distribution of...

Kevin Myers IF the proposed Bus Eireann strike ever goes ahead, it will be a heaven-sent chance for that still-tethered but creative beast that is the private transport sector.

Popes don't have sex-change operations, they don't enter civil partnerships with witch-doctors from Haiti, they don't become skippers of nuclear submarines, they don't do porn videos with some nude Sisters of Mercy, and they don't resign.

WE few, we happy few, to have been born in Leicester are celebrating the discovery of the remains of our One True King, in a car park of a supermarket (or discount-tent, as it was called in the 15th century).

But if you want the best explanation for the very existence of the laundries, it is in a book that doesn't mention them at all, Bill Mc Cormack's stunningly brilliant 'Dublin 1916: The French Connection'. Kevin Myers LOOK: I understand nothing about the origins of life – but maybe the experience of George Smith helps cast some light on it.

Just 58 years ago this coming Tuesday, Smith, a US test pilot, decided to spend his Saturday morning dropping some clothes off at the laundry.

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