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Sudanese dating online

When the enterprise failed, the resort lay dusty and dormant... The resort – named "Arous on the Red Sea" – was tailor-made for the Mossad.

Israelis with European backgrounds would pose as entrepreneurs from a Swiss travel firm looking to promote the woeful Sudanese tourism industry.

My best device was to fall back on the German children's songs I knew from piano lessons in Israel." Getting the resort up and running was no simple task.

The infrastructure in Sudan was so primitive that fresh water had to be delivered by tanker truck and electricity was supplied by the resort's own massive generators.

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He'd been recruited by the Israeli intelligence agency, the Mossad, to lead the rescue of thousands of Ethiopian Jews who had fled famine and war into neighboring Sudan.

Thousands of Beta Israel had fled Ethiopia on foot for refugee camps in Sudan, a harrowing month-long journey traversing harsh, barren desert.

An estimated 1,700 Jews died along the way, victims of starvation, exposure, and violent bandits.

Geography proved decisive to the solution: Israel and Sudan both have coastlines on the Red Sea.

Mossad agents hoped to locate an obscure lagoon in Sudan where naval rescue operations could be secretly based. Any suspicious activity would threaten not only the Mossad agents, but thousands of Ethiopian Jews who could be subject to violent retaliation.

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