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Serial killers often start out by abusing animals, before they move up to humans. According to the Humane Society, the most widespread type of animal abuse is neglect.Neglectful pet owners don’t often harm humans or animals in any other way.Usually, a violator’s name, alias, address, date of birth, and photo are published on the state or county’s animal abuser website. Users will also be able to see the date of conviction and when it expires.

This debate has blossomed recently, due to the number of US jurisdictions passing laws creating animal abuse abuser registries. Tennessee passed a statewide law, the first, in 2016. Some other states are considering such a registry as well.

Whether it does this in reality or not is another matter.

But who among us is more innocent or vulnerable than our pets? Most of us consider our pet a member of the family.

The Animal Legal Defense Fund, a Bay area nonprofit dedicated to protecting animals, was the first to shop around the idea of an animal abuser registry.

Their director of legislative affairs, Chris Green, told the that on the federal level, "There is no existing mechanism to prevent someone convicted of animal abuse from walking into a shelter or going on Craigslist and getting a new animal." Meanwhile, the Humane Society and the Civil Liberties Union fall on the other side of the debate, against such a registry.

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They claim that many animal abusers suffer from mental illness.

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