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But what about this — from a website dedicated to the promotion of anorexia, and which boasts of being the world’s largest site of its kind: ‘Okay, so today was going so well . Girls post pictures of themselves, bones protruding from skin like famine victims or survivors of death camps.

They adopt the poses of fashion models, their skinny arms held above their heads, their faces turned at fetching angles to the camera.

Women who have had anorexia are at risk of developing fractures spontaneously or following minor knocks and bumps.

One of the first complications of anorexia nervosa is a loss of periods.

A recent report into 600 young people with eating disorders found that only one per cent of children felt they could talk to their parents about their eating-related concerns.

Meanwhile, 92 per cent of the children felt they couldn’t tell anyone at all — except that now they can tell other sufferers about their feelings on the social networking sites which have become central to the lives of millions of teens.

Around 90,000 are currently receiving treatment for some sort of eating disorder.

But these are strict medical diagnoses: recent reports estimate that there are literally tens of thousands of people whose lives revolve painfully around the issues of weight, eating and their control of what they eat.

It is, in a large part, a desire for perfection and to look like one’s celebrity heroines.Dangerous message: This is a still of a video that was posted on You Tube Indeed, anorexia nervosa has one of the highest rates of mortality for any psychiatric condition, estimated to run at around 13-20 per cent per annum.What is deeply disturbing is that eating disorders have increased rapidly over the past 30 to 40 years and are now responsible for more loss of life than any other type of psychological illness.Treatment of the malnutrition usually reverses this problem but difficulties can remain.Additionally, health complications such as heart, kidney and gastro-intestinal problems frequently occur and death often follows.

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Added together, the combined total for people — diagnosed and undiagnosed — with an eating disorder in the UK is an estimated 1.15million.

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