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TL: It's not just the relationship, though there is something really nice about receiving a love letter in the mailbox after a great night out.

There are a variety of rewards that can be received just based on who you were out with.

For example, if your sim goes out and has a great time with someone in his or her profession, the sim might just get a call about a few strings that have been pulled to get them a quick promotion. Of course there are some great failures, but those are way more fun to find when you're playing. Does the group disband, or are there petty arguments?

GS: Then there's the outing score, which measures how well things are going when your sim and his or her friends are out on the town. And how are you rewarded if the outing score goes through the roof?

As it is right now, it's not too hard to get sims to go from complete strangers to engaged in just a day or two of game time.

One of the most powerful ones is being introduced by your buddies to other sims at higher relationships than just meeting people on the street.

Or is it more like when you're giving a schoolmaster a tour of your house in The Sims 2, and you're trying to keep him impressed so you can get in?

TL: It's not just about romantic socials, it's about having fun, both for you and your date, or all the folks in your group.

TL: Well, outings are like a big group date, in a way.

The amount of fun the group is having is the primary metric, and increasing relationships is a big help as well.

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Different events while you are out are scored differently, and sims respond differently to events.

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