Updating navbar for multi page website Nude live one on one cam chat

Updating navbar for multi page website

With a PHP include, all you need to do is add a link to your new article in one file, and it’ll change the links on all your pages.Before you do this: Because you now have all this info in a separate file, you can delete the navigation from your first file.You probably won't be able to preview the page on your computer because it needs the PHP power of your web server to make it work.Sometimes Dreamweaver can do it, but you're often better off just uploading the page and seeing if it works.

Where PHP includes are really useful, though, is in navigation, particularly for article sites where you might be adding articles all the time, and you want the navigation to display on all the pages.

Finally, you will use a new method of publishing your website, one where you let Dreamweaver figure out which pages of your site have been changed, and upload the relevant ones instead of the manual method you previously used.

One of the things Dreamweaver is famous for is its template system.

In this lesson we take a look at simplifying navigation (and other things) with PHP includes.

A PHP include is a way of including one PHP file inside another PHP file.

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Be sure to only delete the stuff that you’ve duplicated in the second file!

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