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That’s how Hardees sells cheeseburgers now, isn’t it? Valeria Golino The greatest trick the devil ever played was convincing us that Pee Wee Herman could land a girl as hot as Valeria Golino.

Tawny Kitaen Every guy’s desire to have a driver’s license went through the roof when her Whitesnake video came out. Get the car and then Tawny Kitaen would dance on the hood of it. I’m actually still not sure I want to give up on that dream, yet. She did more for computers than Bill Gates could ever dream. Cindy Crawford Somehow Cindy Crawford is still just as stunning as she was 25 years ago.

Grey’s Anatomy follows the staff of Seattle Grace Hospital as they navigate the delicate balance of work and personal endeavors, success and failure and life and death.

Each week millions are treated to complex and layered storylines that contain riveting, tension filled medical cases and heartfelt relationship dramas.

Her works are much appreciated by the audience, employers, and co-workers who thoroughly enjoy her shows to full-length.

Yasmin who is fluent in French and Farsi has covered the news of the destruction caused by the hurricane Sandy.

Submissions from performers of all types are being accepted today.

Along with that, she has interviewed worldly famous leaders including Newt Gingrich in Washington DC, Madeleine Albright in Qatar.

In addition, she covered issues like the victims of West Africa from HIV/AIDS and Malaria, expert in water filtration and environmental protection in Singapore and Fatah youth in the West Bank.

Belinda Carlisle You probably remember her the most for Heaven on Earth, but the cover to her 1989 album Runaway Horses caused feeling to stir inside of me that I wasn’t aware could be stirred before that point. Justine Bateman I’m thrilled that Justin Bateman has had such a successful career, but what would I have to give to see a little more Justine Bateman in my life? Brooke Shields If you grew up in the 80s, it felt like she was the girl you were growing up with, even though she had no idea who you were. Shannon Tweed Shannon Tweed was the queen of porn for guys that didn’t have access to porn. If you had one of those little beauty marks above your lip, you were automatically nominated for prom queen. Phoebe Cates When Phoebe Cates emerged out of that pool I went from an innocent child to a super horny young man. That scene has helped more men maintain an erection than Viagra.

She was as hot on Arrested Development as she was on Family Ties. Sheena Easton I much prefer the Sheena Easton in the Sugar Walls video with puffy 80s hair than the Sheena Easton in the Strut video where she had a female mullet and kind of looked like Billy Ray Cyrus. Naomi Campbell I remember seeing Naomi Campbell on the cover of Vogue magazine dressed in a uniform and at that moment I realized if the model was attractive enough, you could literally make anything sexy. If You Tube were around in the 80s, she would have been flooded with prom offers. Whitney Houston It’s unfortunate that the latter part of Whitney’s life was so tragic because during the 80s and 90s she was not just a beautiful woman, but one of the most talented artists ever to step in front of a microphone. Meredith Salenger There are some crushes from the 80s that you can go on and on reminiscing about, but others you just say their name and loudly exhale. You couldn’t turn on Cinemax after midnight and not see her.

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It is also believed that it was during this wedding Yasmin was already pregnant as there was a baby bump being revealed from her wedding gown.

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