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Roughly speaking, the cave is shaped like a letter "K" (although from the survey the shape appears more like a lower case "h"), with the backbone aligned northwest-southeast and the entrance at the junction of the two arms with the backbone. The crawl widens into a small enlargement and a stream is seen at the far end of this.The cave may therefore be conveniently divided into six "areas" - the main routes through these areas are highlighted: Following the small entrance passage, a climb down in the floor is reached after a few metres. The stream is followed through a flat-out crawl, and down a tight, wet, hole in the floor where a further drop lands at the head of an 8 m deep scaffolded shaft. From the chamber, two passages lead off: The rift is a traverse, Darling Rifts, with several oxbows and side passages leading off.There are also many loose boulders to traverse and the danger these pose is often heightened by a slick covering of mud. The duration of some of these trips should not be underestimated; not only can they prove extremely tiring, but serious consideration should be given to the need for extra lamp batteries.There are now several reports of inward bound cavers donating spare lights/batteries to outward bound cavers!As in the nearby Llangattock caves, the use of carbide and the smoking of cigarettes in Ogof Draenen is prohibited.Most of Ogof Draenen can be passed during high water conditions, with the following known exceptions: Ogof Draenen is the second longest cave in Great Britain and contains some of the largest cave passage in the country including, in War of the Worlds and Dollimore Series, what is probably the second largest passage in Britain. Visitors are strongly advised to carry a survey and this description, or to go with someone who knows the cave well. As the cave is extended, it is obviously becoming possible to do longer and longer trips.If the car park is blocked, ask at the Lamb and Fox if you can park in their carpark instead.From here, continue down the road towards the Pwll Du Adventure Centre, a white building on the right side of the road.

Big Bang Pitch comes out in the roof of the large Upstream Passage, which is littered with boulders for almost its entire length. The usual way on is downstream (when facing the hangers at the top of the pitch this would be to the left - in the direction of a large mud and sand slope). 1) to the left of the chamber a rift is the other end of the Pitch Bypass passage from the rift traverse, 2) straight ahead and along a high rift is a comfortable oxbow to the third passage (although this route is slower) with a few holes down into it (one such hole contains some formations which would easily be damaged by the passage of cavers overhead so please take care if using this route), and The second and third passages can be followed into a larger passage and this can then be followed to two climbs, a 4 m roped climb and a further, unroped, but smaller one.

Shortly after, a climb up some boulders leads immediately to Cairn Junction.

Cavers are requested not to enter Strawberry Passage, and to take extreme care if they do visit it, in order to protect the formations, some of which are in very vulnerable positions. Starting from the top of an awkward slope above the 4 m roped climb in the entrance series, the 30 m Overpass bolt traverse begins on the left-hand wall then passes to the right-hand wall to cross over the top of Cairn Junction and enter Strawberry Passage.

Visitors in unfamiliar territory or new extensions should be alert to this fact and exercise an appropriate level of care. It is a criminal offence to interfere with bats (note that this would include photographing them without a license, or remaining in a roosting area long enough to change the temperature significantly), so please avoid them wherever possible.

Furthermore, please note that the use of hexamine for heating and cooking produces harmful by-products (read the packaging! Thus, although the use of hexamine in the cave is not prohibited, any disturbance or harm caused to the bats would be considered a criminal offence, so please avoid using it.

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This group, formally constituted on October 13 1996, and comprising representatives of clubs involved with Ogof Draenen together with the Cambrian Caving Council, will administer future access to the cave and conservation policy.

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