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I offered to foster him, and it turned out that he was deaf and also suffered from numerous issues both physically and mentally.

Being a dog trainer I was able to take care of his training needs, but there was still something missing.

Stangenberg has that exceptional quality that a few actresses exhibit from time to time, of seeming quite ordinary at first while promising and/or showing increasing flashes of the extraordinary.

She has this and more, specifically great guts and daring, and not becoming self-conscious or histrionic while laying everything on the line physically.

Krebitz goes so far down the track in exploring and physicalizing Ania’s quest and the film’s themes that many viewers will be tempted to jump off the train at one point or another; the apparent real-life endangerment of the actress will be beyond the pale for some, while the accelerating accumulation of physical and moral improprieties will surely offend some as it transfixes others.

The one safe thing to say about the film is that there never has been anything quite like it.

Hollywood actors who imagine they’re bold when they step out of their comfort zones would be humbled and chastened by what they see here.

Rigor is the artistic byword here, and Krebitz has made sure it applies from top to bottom, especially in the dark, smooth cinematography by Reinhold Vorschneider, Bettina Bohler’s deft editing and a score dominated by, but not limited to, the contributions of Terranova.

One of my favorite stories is about a 6 month old French Mastiff/pit bull mix that was pulled from the shelter by Pit Bull Rescue San Diego.I should probably mention that my husband was skeptical, to say the least, of allowing a psychic to “read” him.After the very first reading we received from Sindi he became a firm believer after she tuned in to things that were dead on and she would have had no way of knowing these things other than reading our energy.Since there is an abundance of bad men, so, too, is there an abundance of bad dogs.Sindi Somers from Wild and Tame Wellness and Communications has been a great addition to the San Diego Humane Society and SPCA Doggie Café programs!

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Most recently, our relationship with one of our mules became strained and we were making plans to get rid of her when my husband (of all people! Sindi did a reading and a healing on our mule and with the information she gleaned we were able to gain a more complete understanding of her history and why she was doing some of the things she was doing.

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