Women dating crossdressers aston merrygold dating louisa lytton again

We have SO much in common and he's definitely my favorite person on the planet to spend time with.

Since I have only ever been in traditional heterosexual relationships, I...

I have a wide circle of friends that are mostly t...

Way back when I was still a student in the early 90's, I had a summer job in an office and there was one particular woman a few years older than myself who regularly wore skirts, pumps and pantyhose.

I did find one woman (she had had a crush on me since I was 13) who I told right up front that I was trans, she accepted thatfact but we both knew her extended family...

So, if you've read the first part of this story, you know that I'd been left standing in front of a woman wearing *** soaked pantyhose and skirt. I was able to leave everything with her to clean and it was the beginning of a great...

But in the end, this shows that there are some women interested in crossdressers!

I mean the worst that could happen is you may learn something Why are people attacking this? Physical attraction isn't the most important thing, but IT IS IMPORTANT! I do think that women from what I have read and heard tend to look beyond the looks and focus more on what is on the inside, who the person really is.

Kate Whenever you put your email out there for all to see you will always get spam I am sorry to hear you felt the women were not pretty enough for you to consider.

I do however think u picked a poor choice of words u couldve said a physical attraction wasnt there. Yes there is more to attraction than looks and certainly when it comes to love, but most people are turned on or off by looks initially.

Also being a cd we a lot of us or most of us know what its like to maybe not be pretty enough to others or be judged cus of something. It may appear condescending, but at least Kate posts her pics and let's people see her/him.

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As a fully passable CD/TS my life would be truly blessed if a woman that enjoys a real live doll to play with would reveal herself to me in some way.

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