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Www athensdating org

Now, good food is cheap while skilled labor is at a premium.

Then, good food was expensive while good labor was cheap. [116] ANOTHER WAY _ALITER_ BOIL THE PARSNIPS IN SALT WATER [and season them] WITH PURE OIL [1], CHOPPED GREEN CORIANDER AND WHOLE PEPPER.

There is another testimony pointing to Fulda as the oldest known source. It is interesting to note that one of the Milanese editions of 1498 bears a title in this particular spelling.

The common source at Fulda of these two manuscripts has been established by Traube.

And our new aristocracy has been too busy with limousines, golf, divorces and electricity to bemourn the decline of classic cookery.

Hotelmen are not supposed to be educators, they merely cater to a demand.

Already in the ninth century its title page had been damaged which is proven by the title page of the Vatican copy which reads: ___ INCP API CAE That's all! vero_ (separated by period)--all indicating that endives are a substitute for lettuce when this is not available.

(Second) Skilled labor, so vital for the success of any good dinner, so imperative for the rational preparation of food was cheap to those who held slaves. [118] ANOTHER WAY [Puree of Parsnips] [1] _ALITER_ MASH THE PARSNIPS, [add] CUMIN, RUE, STOCK, A LITTLE CONDENSED WINE, OIL, GREEN CORIANDER [and] LEEKS AND SERVE; GOES WELL WITH SALT PORK [2]. There never were any food supplies on any large, extensive and scientific scale, hence raw materials, the wherewithal of a "classic" meal, were expensive. [117] ANOTHER WAY _ALITER_ PREPARE THE BOILED PARSNIPS WITH THE FOLLOWING SAUCE: CELERY SEED, RUE, HONEY, GROUND PEPPER, MIXED WITH RAISIN WINE, STOCK AND A LITTLE OIL; BIND THIS WITH ROUX [bring to a boiling point, immerse parsnips] SPRINKLE WITH PEPPER AND SERVE. The only fundamental difference between Roman dining and that of our own times may be found in these two indisputable facts-- (First) Devoid of the science of agriculture, without any advanced mechanical means, food was not raised in a very systematic way; if it happened to be abundant, Roma lacked storage and transportation facilities to make good use of it. Those of us, although unable to command a staff of experts, but able to prepare their own meals rationally and serve them well are indeed fortunate. If our much maligned age has achieved anything at all it has at least enabled the working "slave" of the "masses" to dine in a manner that even princes could hardly match in former days, a manner indeed that the princes of our own time could not improve upon. Somehow, good, intelligent "labor" is reluctant to devote itself to food. The chances for a good dinner seemed to be in favor of the Romans--but only for a favored few.

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They have the advantages of the great improvements in provisioning as compared with former days, thanks chiefly to the great lines of communication established by modern commerce, thanks to scientific agriculture and to the spirit of commercial enterprise and its resulting prosperity. XIX [112] CARDOONS _CARDUI_ CARDOONS [are eaten with a dressing of] BRINY BROTH, OIL, AND CHOPPED [hard] EGGS. Precisely as we do today: French dressing and hard boiled eggs. Perhaps the ancient "briny broth" contained enough of this and of other ingredients, such as fine condiments and spices to make the dressing perfect. However, even nowadays, sugar is quite frequently added to salad dressings.

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    As children, we get our emotional energy from our parents; just like we get food, water, and shelter.

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